Holland water management tours

On this 4 hour tour we visit the Flevoland Province, just North of Utrecht. The whole province consists of polders, man-made land, meaning that it once was the bottom of the sea!

Driving past the city of Almere, and along the beautiful Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, we reach Lelystad, the city named after Cornelis Lely, the engineer who designed the plans for this unique endeavour.

In Lelystad we first visit the small “werkeiland”, the island that was first constructed as the base for ground workers to build the whole polder.

You can then choose between these two visits (or both with less time for each visit):
* Batavia Wharf and nearby New Land Museum, where we can walk through a full size copy of a 17th century Dutch trading ship, see several shipwrecks found in the area, and learn about the history of the Province, and how the Dutch have made land from the sea.
* The Batavia stad fashion outlet

ITINERARY Holland water management tours

  • pick-up anywhere in the greater Amsterdam area
  • drive along Almere and Oostvaarders plassen
  • visit the “werkeiland” settlement
  • choice between visiting the Batavia Wharf / New Land Museum or Bataviastad Outlet, or both
  • drop-off anywhere in greater Amsterdam area
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands