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private group tours from amsterdam

For travel agents, destination management companies and incentives. Group tour guides Holland and drivers.

We do private group tours for travel agents, tourism companies and do destination management for any other enterprise. Day trips by bus or coach from Amsterdam and multiple day tours. Experienced drivers and tour guides. So rent a bus with a driver including group guides Holland.
Our private group tours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will leave your clients completely satisfied.
If your group is bigger than six or seven, Holland’s tour guides with their vans can not serve your needs any more. Then you need to rent a bus coach with driver and licensed group tour guides of Holland.
Or with all qualifications in one?
We are both very experienced tour guides and bus drivers.
Fluent in Dutch, English and German language.
We will show the most picturesque places and explain all about historical and nowadays Holland, Belgium or Germany.
Our challenge is that you stop feeling like a tourist. You’ll see the things you can’t find on your own and will properly understand our complicated European history.

Our favourite tours are:

  • The Grand Holland countryside tour.
    Edam, Marken and Volendam. Picturesque towns along the former Zuiderzee, now the inner bay of Amsterdam. We will do some cheese tasting at one of the dairy farms.
  • Delft and the Hague.
    A walk in the medieval part of Delft with its Old and New Church.
    A visit to the last Delft Blue factory and the painting studios.
    A walk along the parliamentary buildings of the Netherlands.
    Maybe a short visit to the Mauritshuis museum to see Vermeers ‘Girl with the pearl earring’ and his ‘view of Delft’.
    The International Court of Justice. United Nations institutions. The Dutch Parliament. Royal Palace.
  • Giethoorn, the Venice of Northern Europe.
    Giethoorn is definitely one of the picturesque villages in the Netherlands.
    No roads for cars but only pedestrian paths and many canals.
    We will rent a boat and walk along the fairytale like houses, bridges and romantic gardens.
    On our way to Giethoorn we will pass the Dutch polders, reclaimed land from the sea. Very special is the UNESCO listed former island Schokland. It is an island on dry dry land.
  • Bruges via the Kinderdijk windmills and Zeeland province.
    We will start with a truly authentic Holland experience. A walk along the nineteen water pumping windmills.
    Zeeland will show us the picturesque Dutch landscape of water, dykes and wind; the Delta water works. Storm surge barriers, dams and sluices to keep our feet dry.
    Bruges is the number-one postcard destination. Sometimes, like Amsterdam, called ‘Venice of the North’. You can easily explore Bruges on foot. The little bridges and the parks make you feel like in medieval times. We will stay away from the ‘waffle squares’ and discover one of the greatest cities in Europe.
  • Transfer to Paris including Paris city tours.We love Paris, the city of life, love and light.
    Panoramic sightseeing tours that bring you to the highlights Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees. the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. But we can take you also on a walking tour through Quartier Latin, home to the Sorbonne. Or the Jewish Quarter and Place des Vosges, noted as one of the prettiest squares in Paris. We can show you also the secrets places of Paris, far away from traditional touristic paths. Like a private guided behind the scenes tour at the Eiffel Tower or Garnier’s opera house. Dinner at Costes or la Tour d’Argent?
    Reims we will pass on the way to Paris. The Reims Cathedral, one of the greatest of all French Gothic cathedrals.
    From Amsterdam to Paris we will also pass the world War I battlefields of Ypres and Somme.
    Very worthwhile to visit is Versailles, King Louis XIV’s, “Sun King” court. The most magnificent château in all of France, built by 35,000 workers in 50 years time.
  • Transfer to Berlin including Berlin city tours.Berlin, the city of world history, world politics and nightlife.
    We’ll show you the highlights of Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Parliament, the Holocaust Monument, the remains of the Berlin Wall, Pergamon Museum, Berlin Cathedral and more…
    And also those places where history happened. Sites of the Third Reich such as the former SS headquarters and Hitlers bunker, the Soviet War Memorial, the site of Berlin Airlift and the former headquarters of the KGB Potsdam.
    Potsdam is probably the best day trip from Berlin! Called “Versailles of Germany”. Sans Souci Palace, Neuer Garten, Castle Cecilien hof (where Churchill, Stalin and Truman met after WWII), and more …

What privatetours.nl offers:

  • Modern coach, max 40 seats, or mini coach, max 20 seats.
    Equipped with air conditioning, toilet, USB charging facility, refrigerator and hot and cold drinks.
  • All eco-friendly Euro-6 coaches with low emissions.
    Allowed in the low emission zones of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Double crewed by Hans and Roelof. Very experienced, well-trained coach drivers and group tour guides from Holland.
    Both fluent in Dutch, English and German language.
  • No limited driving time because of the double crew.
    Leaving early and return late at night is an option.
  • Custom made itineraries by direct contact with your private drivers and guides Roelof and Hans.
  • Also group transfers from Amsterdam including tours.
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