Windmills and countryside tours

Zaanse Schans or Schermerhorn windmills, Edam, Beemster polder, cheese farms, picturesque villages

Amsterdam is Amsterdam, a unique city! But add the windmills and countryside tours to your list!

The nearby countryside has its own unique experience to offer: windmills, dykes, canals, polders, land reclaimed from the sea, historical villages located on the bottoms of former lakes, green pastures with cows and sheep, etcetera.

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Get to know the laid-back lifestyle of the villagers just kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city!
This is how the majority of the Dutch live: in smaller towns and villages.

On our windmills and countryside tours tour, we visit the countryside directly North of the city, with quaint villages such as Broek in Waterland, Edam, and Marken.

We visit a Windmill on the inside, and a cheese farm for an explanation of the cheese making process, cheese tasting, and a peek in the robotised barn.

We can make this into a short half day tour or a full day tour and decide the best order for these visits.
We could combine this tour as well with:

Itinerary Windmills and countryside tour

  • pick-up anywhere in the greater Amsterdam area.
  • drive North into the countryside.
  • Windmill visit (April – October windmill at Schermerhorn; November – March windmills at Zaanse Schans).
  • cheese farm visit.
  • short walks in Edam and Broek in Waterland.
  • short walks in Marken or De Rijp.
  • drop-off anywhere in greater Amsterdam area.
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