Windmills and countryside tours

Full day tour

Amsterdam is Amsterdam, a unique city!

But the nearby countryside has its own unique experience to offer: windmills, dykes, canals, polders, land reclaimed from the sea, historical villages located on the bottoms of former lakes, green pastures with cows and sheep, etcetera.

Get to know the laid-back lifestyle of the villagers just kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city!
This is how the majority of the Dutch live: in smaller towns and villages.

On this 4-hour tour, we visit the countryside directly North of the city, with quaint villages such as Broek in Waterland, Edam, and Marken. We visit a Windmill on the inside, and a Cheese Farm for an explanation of the cheese making process, cheese tasting, and a peek in the robotized barn.

Half day tour

The order of the visits depends on where I pick you up and drop you off (and at what time). Once I have that information, I will suggest the best order for these visits:

  • pick-up anywhere in the greater Amsterdam area
  • drive North into the countryside
  • Windmill visit (April-October windmill at Schermerhorn; November-March windmills at Zaanse Schans)
  • cheese farm visit
  • short walks in Edam and Broek in Waterland
  • short walks in Marken or De Rijp
  • drop-off anywhere in greater Amsterdam area
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands