Amsterdam Tulip and Keukenhof tours

Because of the corona virus Keukenhof is not permitted to open the park for visitors the 20th of March.

In spring the Keukenhof and tulip fields private tour is our most recommended excursion.
In 2021 the Keukenhof Gardens are open from 20th of March until 9th of May.
To see flowers in the rest of the year, we recommend our Amsterdam Flower Auction tour.

The Keukenhof Gardens feature over 7 million bulb flowers, including 800 varieties of tulips, and hundreds of other flower bulb species. The Gardens covers an area of 32 hectares (79 acres), and are surrounded by commercial bulb flower fields, with tulips, hyacinths and daffodils as far as the eye can see. Driving through them alone make for a unique, unforgettable experience! We look for the nicest flower fields that day, and make a few photo stops.

We offer three different Amsterdam Tulip and Keukenhof tours:

  • Half day private Keukenhof tour, 4 hours, morning or afternoon, daily, € 300
  • Early morning Amsterdam Flower Auction visit plus Keukenhof tour, 5 hours, Monday until Friday, € 450
  • Private day tour to Keukenhof plus destinations of your choice, 8 hours, daily, € 580

Half day private Keukenhof tour

Before entering the Keukenhof Flower Gardens we drive around the area to see the blooming Tulip, Daffodil and/or Hyacinth fields, a breathtaking experience in itself! It speaks for itself that we stop for photos in several locations.

Once in the Park (32 hectares or 79 acres in size) I show you the highlights, and then give you free time to explore further on own.

Our early morning and late afternoon starting times give you the possibility to avoid the crowds.
The Gardens receive 1. 4 million visitors in just two months, and can get very busy.
However, before 10am and after 3pm, there are fewer visitors.

  • Pick up anywhere in the greater Amsterdam area, at the time of your preference:
    – between 7am and 9am or
    – between 2pm and 4pm
  • drive to Keukenhof Gardens area
  • drive through Flower Fields with photo stops
  • approximately one hour guided tour of Keukenhof Gardens
  • approximately one hour free time to explore Keukenhof Gardens further on own
  • drive back for drop-off anywhere in greater Amsterdam area

Keukenhof and FloraHolland Flower Auction

Private day tour Keukenhof

This private day tour can be fully customized. In addition to the Keukenhof visit and tour of surrounding flower fields, you can choose which other destination to add to this full day tour.

Should you want an early start of the day (between 7am and 8am), we visit Keukenhof first.
Should you choose for a later start (between 8am and 10am), we visit Keukenhof last.
This way we avoid the busiest time of day at the Park.

  • Pick up and drop-off anywhere in the greater Amsterdam area
  • So as to avoid the busiest time of the day at Keukenhof (late morning, early afternoon), the order of the visits follows is as follows:
    – If you prefer an early start we go to Keukenhof and surrounding flower fields first
    -If you prefer a late start we go to Keukenhof and surrounding flower fields last

The recommended additions to your excursion are

  • Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft and/or Leiden
  • The typical Dutch countryside North of Amsterdam: windmills, quaint villages, cheese farm
  • Muiderslot Castle and De Haar Castle at Haarzuilens, plus 17th century mansions along the Vecht River
  • Or let us design your taylored itinerary. Just ask!

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